J.D. Donovan, Inc.
J.D. Donovan, Inc.

Asphalt & Heating Oils

J.D. Donovan, Inc. provides safe and timely deliveries of asphalt and heating oils to the 4 State area: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.


We are experienced in dealing with the short road construction season and the issues that arise because of it. We understand the importance of the on-time deliveries for each and every project.


Excellent Service Levels are maintained by J.D. Donovan, Inc. by following these simple steps:

  • Communication - 100% with all Customers and Employees
  • On Time - 99% or better on time performance
  • On Spec - We pay special attention to the last product hauled in trailers
  • On Temp - Limiting downtime because of cold products


Contact Us for All Your Asphalt & Heating Oil Hauling Jobs


J.D. Donovan Inc.

P.O. Box 7368

St. Cloud, MN 56303

Phone: (320) 251-1213

Email: breana@jddonovan.com

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